Wall of Shame

Welcome to my wall of shame! These are games that I have started but I have not completed, for various reasons. I plan to revisit all of these games in an attempt to beat them.
Game Name Shame Reason Last Attempt Time spent Upcoming #
NHL 2002Used game simulation to get to final game. After discussing with challenger community, I will replay this one, picking a team and sticking with them the whole season. I can only sim a game if the result wouldn't affect progression.11/5/201900:26:10388
R-Type III: The Third LightningPossible game-breaking bug. Something invisible keeps killing me. Been tested on GBA , DS, GBA Player, and Emulation. Waiting for confirmation from another challenger to see if they have a similar experience. Only other thing I can think of is maybe my save game password is bugged and I need to start over, as that is the only common thread between all the modes.1/13/202014:33:40Not Planned
Madden NFL 2002Simmed through the entire playoffs before picking a team in playoff mode. I need to pick a team and win each stage of the playoffs12/12/202101:29:55398