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Light Blue
- Pickable
- Pickable and blocks another game**
- Blocked by another game (click for more info)
- Already played

**Games that are blocking other games will get a 50% boost in the odds of being picked

If the game number ends in:
0 - Random (not suggestable)
1-4 - Any game except Top100/RPG
5 - Only an "other" sports game
6 - Only a movie game
7 - Only a Top100/RPG game
8 - Only a "traditional" sports game
9 - Only a kid's show game

Suggest List

Game Name Type Times Requested Owned
Atomic BettyKid's Show2
ATV: Thunder Ridge RidersOther Sports2
Babar to the RescueKid's Show
Back to StoneNormal2
Backyard Baseball 2006Traditional Sports4
Backyard Football 2006Traditional Sports4
Backyard HockeyTraditional Sports4
Backyard SkateboardingOther Sports3
Baldur's Gate: Dark AllianceRPG/Tactics1
Balloon Fight [e-Reader game]Normal
Baseball AdvanceTraditional Sports1
Baseball [e-Reader game]Traditional Sports
Batman BeginsMovie2
Batman: Rise of Sin TzuKid's Show2
Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!Kid's Show2
Bee GameKid's Show4
Beyblade G-RevolutionKid's Show5
Bionicle HeroesNormal
Bionicle: Matoran AdventuresNormal
Bionicle: Maze of ShadowsNormal