Pac-Man Collection

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Game Name Pac-Man Collection
Category Normal
Suggest StatusGame selected by TheBreadghost
Owned Status CIB (USA)

Completion Information

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Completed Game # 367
Date completed 4/10/22
Time to Complete 16:34:56
Challenge Level 5/5
Rating 3/5
Review This game was HARD. Classic Pac-Man and Pacmania, anyway. The Arrangement mode was a walk in the park. Pac-Attack was an interesting concept, but defaulting to random pieces is no puzzle mode. Pac-Mania would have been impossible if not for infinite continues, and even then it was ridiculously hard.

After spending hours on this game I reduced the difficulty from default. I used 5 lives in Pac-Man and 4 lives in Pacmania on Easy mode. I just couldn't beat them with default settings, or I would haven't have without dozens of more hours.