FIFA Soccer 2005

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Game Name FIFA Soccer 2005
Category Traditional Sports
Suggest StatusGame selected by orkybork
Owned Status cart only (USA)

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Completed Game # 179
Date completed 6/4/19
Time to Complete 09:37:39
Challenge Level 2/5
Rating 3/5
Review They added a career mode, requiring almost 300 games to get to the finish screen. Luckily, when I maxed out my prestige points, I was just able to "simulate" (i.e. skip) a lot of the games. Objectively better than 2003 and 2004 because of the added modes.

Completion review on 4/26/22: Noticed that I simmed some games upon review. Discussed it with the challengers team. They said it can still be counted as complete because I went above and beyond for the season mode. Since I placed first without simming in at least one of the seasons, it should be good.

Also on review I noted I went down to easy difficulty a couple of hours in. It's not against any challenge rules, but it does need to be noted.