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Collection Stats

Total (unique)1364
Total (including duplicates)1397
Total North America1014
    Standalone ("Challenge") Games946
Total Europe92
Total Japan57
Total eReader17
Total Homebrew14
Total Repros9
Total DS61
Total 3DS (physical)36
Total 3DS (digital)63
Total paid$13241.54
Total value$0.00

Gilgatex's Personal Collection

Game Name M B Date Acquired Purchase Price Value Net/loss Category
Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Masters: World Championship Tournament 20062/11/2019$1.78$18.02$16.24USA
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship Tournament 20048/12/2022$4.80$9.96$5.16USA
Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel3/16/2019$3.89$10.84$6.95USA
Zapper: One Wicked Cricket!6/10/2019$1.90$6.93$5.03USA
Zatch Bell! Electric Arena3/2/2020$4.73$25.00$20.27USA
Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary EditionUnknownUnknown$0.00$0.003DSd
Zettai Zetsumei Dangerous Jiisan6/25/2020$1.68$1.68$0.00JAP
Zettai Zetsumei Dangerous Jiisan: Shijou Saikyou no Dogeza6/15/2022$9.59$9.59$0.00JAP
Zidane Football Generation12/21/2022$8.84$7.87$-0.97EUR
Zoey 1014/9/2019$1.84$6.00$4.16USA
Zoids Saga: Fuzors6/25/2020$1.68$1.68$0.00JAP
Zoids: LegacyUnknownUnknown$54.33$0.00USA
Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars7/12/2022$37.89$34.00$-3.89USA
Zooo: Action Puzzle Game9/20/2022$9.80$7.16$-2.64EUR