Almost everyone could benefit from a will and will-related documents. There are many questions that can only be answered with an advanced directive or a will. Who is going to take care of your finances if you become physically or mentally incapacitited? Who is going to take care of your children? How are you going to split up your property upon death? Who has the decision on whether or not to "pull the plug" if you are in a persistively vegetative state? These are all questions that should be answered by a will or other advanced directive.

However, these questions that should be answered before they become an issue. It's best to talk to an attorney to make sure that what you want to happen actually happens.

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A trust is basically an financial account that can only be withdrawn by certain people for certain purposes. Trusts are a great way to avoid a large lump-sum income tax for the person you're giving a substantial gift or future inheritance to, and also great to help save up for educational expenses for your children.

If either of these situations sound like you, please contact me and let me help you set it up.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is all of the above. It's finding the most efficient way to dispurse your property during life and after death, whether it be through trusts, wills, or other donations.

If you would like help making sure that your estate is dispursed of in the most efficient way possible, contact me and let me help.