Criminal Defense

The biggest mistake that unsuspecting people can make in a criminal investigation is to talk to the police when they are suspected of a crime. The police aren't required to give Miranda warnings until that person is actually arrested. If you are confronted by the police or asked to come in for questioning for a serious crime in which you are a suspect, it is important that contact an attorney first.

Are you suspected of committing a crime or have been formally charged with one? Has the judge determined that you don't qualify for a court-appointed attorney? Do you want a lawyer that will give you the attention your case deserves? Contact me today to discuss your options.

DWI Defense

The legal limit for blood-alcohol in Texas is 0.08. That means for some people, one glass of wine is enough to put them over the legal limit. Almost everyone who drinks regularly has gotten behind the wheel while over the legal limit at some point in their lives, even if it's just by a fraction.

So what can you do if you're pulled over? If you want to fight the conviction, you should refuse to blow into the breathalyzer and insist on take a standardized field sobriety test instead. This is the best way to fight a conviction. A defense attorney can pick apart the standardized sobriety test and cast a reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury whether or not you were intoxicated. Note, however, you are subject to an automatic license suspension for 180 days for refusing to blow into a breathalyzer. But ask yourself which is worse: not being able to drive for 6 months, or spending up to 6 months in jail and a criminal conviction that will follow you for the rest of your life? The answer should be obvious.

Have you been charged with DWI? Contact me today to discuss your options.

Criminal Appeals

The three biggest ways that a criminal conviction can get overturned are: (1) the judge made a mistake, (2) the prosecution didn't present enough evidence for their case, but the jury came back with a guilty verdict anyway, and (3) the defense attorney didn't provide effective assistance.

Were you not satisfied with the job your criminal attorney did at the trial level? Was there something inherently unfair about your trial? Contact me today to discuss your options. It is especially important to contact me today with appeals, beacuse there is a clock that starts ticking as soon as the guilty verdict comes back. If you wait too long, you may miss your only opportunity!

Expunctions and Non-Disclosure Petitions

Is that old conviction still following you today? Is it keeping you from getting that certification you need for your profession? You may be able to get an order for expunction or an order for non-disclosure.

Many people confuse expunction and non-disclosure. Expunctions are available when the arrest was improper or didn't lead to prosecutorial action. If you are found guilty of any charge, you may not have it expunged. Expunction is specifically for when you have an arrest with no prosecution and the statute of limitations has run (or if you're acquitted by a judge or jury).

If, however, you have pleaded or been found guilty of a crime, and you were given a deferred sentence, then you might be able to get an order for non-disclosure. This does not completely wipe clean your record, but it does mean that it will no longer show on private background checks.

Do you think you have an old charge or arrest that can be expunged or hidden through a non-disclosure order? Contact me today to see if it's eligible.